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Noah W. Sobe

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Undergraduate Courses

ELPS 219 History of American Education

ELPS 301 History of Western Education (crosslisted as HIST 302)

ELPS 302 Philosophy of Education

Graduate Courses

ELPS 405 Introduction to Education Policy Analysis

ELPS 420 Philosophy of Education

ELPS 444 History of American Education and Social Policy (crosslisted as HIST 454)

ELPS 445 US and Canadian Education in the 20th Century

ELPS 446 Historical Foundations of Western Education (crosslisted as HIST 437)

ELPS 447 Modern European Education (crosslisted as HIST 438)

ELPS 448 International Higher Education

ELPS 455 Comparative Education

ELPS 491 Issues in Education Policy

ELPS 540 Seminar in History of Education (crosslisted as HIST 560)

              Topic: Globalization of Childhood

              Topic: Globalization, Knowledge and Education

ELPS 550 Seminar on Globalization and Education

ELPS 555 Seminar in Comparative Education

              Topic: Data, Algorithms and Educational Knowledge & Practice

RMTD 401 Documentary Analysis

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